In an acupuncture session, patients complete a full medical intake and may be treated for a variety of conditions, including (but not limited to): back pain, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, mood disorders, women’s health issues, respiratory issues, hypertension, circulatory disorders, and dependence on drugs or alcohol. Acupuncture addresses disharmonies and gently brings the body into a state of balance, increasing vitality and improving the body's ability to heal itself.  

Private acupuncture sessions may also include adjunct therapies such as cupping, moxibustion, guasha, TDP heat lamps, and tui na. 


Musculoskeletal therapy

Whether from posture, injuries, or emotional trauma, our muscles and fascia hold patterns. Manipulating soft tissue helps us release these patterns and live with more comfort and ease.

Treatments are highly individualized and can vary from clinical trigger point therapy and muscular rehabilitation to sessions that focus more on nourishing and grounding, incorporating medical massage techniques and acupressure to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation.  While many sessions focus on pain relief and optimizing physical function, we also believe in the simple healing power of touch to promote ease and comfort. Sessions may also include cupping, guasha, or floor-based Shiatsu-style bodywork. 



Herbs help to bring the body into balance. In choosing an herbal formula, we will consider your medical history, physical symptoms, constitution, as well as any supplements or medications you may already be taking, and create an individualized formula for you. 


Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture takes place in a room where other people are also receiving treatment. Community acupuncture is an affordable option, especially for conditions that require more frequent treatment. 


Nutritional Counseling

In a nutritional counseling session, patients will complete full medical intake and discuss diet and lifestyle. We will provide handouts, lists, or notes from the sessions. The nutritional guidelines derive from Chinese Medicine, with an emphasis on balance and the five elements. 




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