Buildout as bodywork

We've been working hard to get the building ready and we will be open in a week!

Over the past month, we’ve been scrubbing decades of filth, sweeping mounds of debris, painting walls, and buffing marble floors. We’ve been elbows-deep in toilets and down vents; every day we’re coated in dust and sticky with polyurethane.

It has been so sweet (and grueling and filthy) to tend the beautiful body of this old building. 
It was built in 1870 and was a Bohemian lodgehouse, holding ten families, then a saloon, a bank (thus the marble floor and basement vault), a radio station, a community center, and a tv repair shop. The building is majestic and we can't wait to invite you over.

It has been interesting to think about this construction work from the perspective of a doctor, in the sense that we are healing the building by repairing it, restoring it, and tending it lovingly. It is a good reminder that medicine is not always on the treatment table, but is also in the garden, with your dogs, in chores, in conversation, on the roller rink, in a song. Every act can be medicine if it is done with love and care. 

Samara Reigh