The equinox balance and the winds of spring

Spring is here. The vernal equinox has arrived. Spring is a time of beginnings, renewal, wonder, and growth.

But what does that mean in the city when it is still cold, when the only sign of spring is the gusting winds? It means throwing out all that no longer serves us, that which belongs to winter, the past, our former selves, that which hinders progress. It means cleaning house, doing laundry, redecorating, throwing out dried flowers, buying a new plant. It means finally pursuing that secret dream you’ve been brewing all winter.

The increased sunlight of springtime is what causes the birds to sing. 

On the days when the sky is a tender blue and the sun is bright, the people are exultant; they ride their bicycles and wear bright clothes beneath their winter coats. Their laughter is a little more hopeful and their words a little more brave. Spring isn’t wearing her flowered dress yet, but her eyes are twinkling.

Today the sun rises at seven and sets at seven. The day and night are in balance, so sing their tune and find a moment of equilibrium amidst the swirl of the city’s life. But equilibrium doesn’t mean “finding balance” and then maintaining those rules forever. Balance is always in motion, always changing, always a dance, never static. It is an egg standing momentarily on end.

Today the sun and the moon do-si-do in symmetry, but tomorrow the days will be ever so slightly longer than the nights.

Samara Reigh